Why Can’t “Chicago Fire’s” Kelly Severide Catch A Break?

Hello all, I know it’s been quite a bit since I’ve made my last post. Busy busy busy. That being said, it’s probably no secret that I’m also behind on all of my shows. I’ll catch up, don’t you worry.

I often blog about NBC’s Chicago series’, which all aired their season finales in the past few weeks. I’m still a few episodes behind on each; however, after the episode of Chicago Fire I just watched, I couldn’t help but blog about it.


I just finished watching Episode 20 of Season 5, titled “Carry Me,” and I’ve been left heartbroken. Kelly Severide is my favorite character on the show (I may also have quite a crush on him so forgive me if I sound biased!) and I am so invested in his storyline. When the writers first introduced the character of Anna, I really thought, this might be it for Kelly. She just might be the one. However, I was wrong, and before their relationship could even really get started, Anna was taken from him. That’s right, she died. Just like that, Kelly’s soulmate left the earth, leaving him broken and alone once again. Now, I know that good TV has to have a lot of drama, but it sure seems like poor Kelly has to face a whole lot of tragedy, which leaves me with the question, when will he finally catch a break?

Kelly and Anna – Photo Credit: Pinterest

Let’s take a quick recap of all that Kelly’s been through these past 5 seasons. In season 2, Kelly discovered that he had a half-sister Katie he never knew about. Throughout the course of a few episodes, he built a relationship with Katie and developed a strong protective nature over his baby sister. In episode 13, Katie was kidnapped and the following episode followed Kelly as he did everything he could to rescue her. He and the members of Chicago PD’s Intelligence Unit managed to find her and bring her to safety; however, Kelly then learned the harsh truth that Katie had been sexually assaulted. After recovering, Katie decided to go back home, leaving Kelly behind. He promised to always be there for her and I believe him. Unfortunately, Katie’s character has not been seen or mentioned again since she left.

Kelly and his sister, Katie – Photo Credit: Pinterest

Shortly after, in the season 2 finale, Kelly faced his greatest loss, the death of his lifeline and best friend, Leslie Shay. Kelly and Shay were some of my favorite TV best friends, and I was so devastated by her loss, as was Kelly. It took him quite some time to recover from her death after first taking him down a long dark road of grief. With the help of his friends, Kelly found his way back to the surface and managed to find happiness once again. But, Shay remains a constant presence, forever in his heart.

Kelly and Shay – Photo Credit: Pinterest

And now, after all that, Kelly has lost Anna. Watching him grieve is too much for me to bear. I am worried for how this will affect him. I don’t want him to go back down that long dark road. While Anna may not have been the happily ever after for Kelly that I hoped, I anxiously await the day when we can watch this man achieve the happiness he deserves. I love Kelly Severide, and will hope the best for him. Always.

Photo Credit (Featured Image): Pinterest


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  1. I just love your blog. Please keep your comments coming. Of course the name I am using is fictitious, just ignore it. I found it on facebook.


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