Tami Taylor, Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights is one of the greatest shows of all time because of its compelling storylines and captivating characters. Kyle Chandler plays the role of Coach Eric Taylor, the show’s lead character, and while no one can quite compare, he would not be the incredible man that he is without the incredible woman beside him, his wife, the beautifully strong Tami Taylor.

Played by Connie Britton, Tami Taylor is definitely one of my favorite TV moms and overall female characters. She is beautiful and kind, and exudes a kind of warmth that can only be achieved by that of a southern, Texas woman. She is honest and loyal to a fault, willing to stand by her husband and support him in anything and everything that he does. She is a loving mother to her two daughters, teenager Julie, and baby girl Gracie, which often dominates much of her storyline. She always tries to do what is best for her children, but like all moms, she isn’t perfect, something that adds to the reality of this character. As a result, she is easy to understand, sympathize with, and relate to. She and her older daughter often clash, again offering a realistic perspective into not only the joys of motherhood, but the hard work and devastation.

Professionally, Tami is a guidance counselor at the same high school in which her husband is a football coach, where she works to mold minds and better the lives of students who are struggling and have no one to turn to. She offers them support and invests in the future success of each and every student she comes into contact with, often serving as a maternal figure for more than just her own two daughters. She earns the respect of even the toughest of personalities, and in turn, helps so many along the way.

While Tami is such a powerful force on her own, the true strength of her character is demonstrated through her relationship with her husband, Eric. Their marriage withstands the tests of time and makes its way through the very ups and downs of life. In fact, it is one of the most realistic and satisfying portrayals of marriage that has ever been featured on television. Their relationship may not be perfect, but they manage through, together.

Eric and Tami Taylor
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Tami Taylor is a role model to her family and all those around her, making her a pillar of strength in the fictional world of Dillon, Texas. She loves family and football… What more could you ask?


Photo Credit (Featured Image): Pinterest


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