TV Show Challenge

I recently read about this 30 Day TV Show Challenge on Pinterest, and I thought, what a great idea for a blog post! Forget about waiting 30 days, let’s do it all in one. So, here it goes:

Photo Credit: Pinterest
  1. A Show That Should Never Have Been CancelledThe Black Donnellys. This show only ran for a 13 episode first season, but I loved it. It ended with a total cliffhanger and never came back and I was so disappointed. Also, Freaks and Geeks, of course.
  2. A Show That You Wish More People Were WatchingBloodline. This show is out of this world. I LOVE it. Unfortunately, it’s ending with its third season this coming summer, and I feel that it’s because not enough people are watching it. I wish there were more, but I can’t wait to see how it ends.
  3. Your Favorite New Show (Aired This TV Season) – Hmmmm…. I haven’t watched too many brand new shows that aired this TV season. I have been watching Big Little Lies and I’m really enjoying it. However, it’s only a miniseries and I think there are only 7 episodes. Considering we’re already 5 episodes into it and not a whole lot has happened, I’m afraid I’m going to end up being very disappointed. Time will tell.
  4. Your Favorite Show EverSons of Anarchy, hands down. It’s the best. You can check out some past blog posts to read why I feel that way.
  5. A Show You HateRevenge. The first season was great, but everything went completely down hill from there. I stuck around and watched the show in its entirety, but I wish I hadn’t because it was a waste of time.
  6. Favorite Episode Of Your Favorite TV Show – Oh, there are so many! S3E13 “NS.” S4E6 “With an X.” S5E3 “Laying Pipe.” S6E10 “Huang Wu.” S6E11 “Aon Rud Persanta.” S6E13 “A Mother’s Work.” S7E10 “Faith and Despondency.” S7E12 “Red Rose.” S7E13 “Papa’s Goods.” This is just a small list of my favorites because there are so many. Overall, I think my top two would be S3E13 “NS,” and S6E13 “A Mother’s Work.” These are just exceptional.
  7. Least Favorite Episode Of Your Favorite TV Show – I haven’t really given that much thought. I don’t think I have a least favorite. Of course, there are episodes that I like better than others and that stand out above the rest, but every episode is significant to the overall plot and moving the story forward, and so I have an appreciation for it all.
  8. A Show Everyone Should WatchFriends. If you haven’t watched it already, you need to. It’s the most universal show and relates back to everything. It’s funny, sweet, and charming, and is most definitely a show that I will watch forever.
  9. Best Scene Ever – Again, there are so many. I would have to say my favorite is in SOA S6E13 “A Mother’s Work” when the guys all circle up and have an emotional goodbye with Jax. That gets me every single time. There are so many scenes from all of the shows that I have watched that have stuck out to me, I couldn’t possibly name them all. One scene from a show other than SOA that has always stuck out to me is in Lost S3E6 “I Do” when Pickett holds a gun to Sawyer’s head in the rain, threatening to kill him, and Sawyer tells Kate to close her eyes. I could go on and on and on. There are so many scenes that I love.
  10. A Show You Thought You Wouldn’t Like But Ended Up LovingShameless and Stranger Things. When I watched the first episode of Shameless, I just didn’t think it was going to be the show for me. Now, I can tell you that it is definitely in my top 5 favorite TV shows ever. I was reluctant to watch Stranger Things because I don’t like anything scary and I’m not big into sic-fi; however, I absolutely loved it and am so glad I started watching.
  11. A Show That Disappointed You – Let’s see… there’ve been quite a few. I absolutely loved the first two seasons of Banshee, but the final two didn’t quite measure up. For a show that started so strong, it was a bit disappointing to not have it end the same way. Nonetheless, it’s still one of my favorites. Also, Lost. Again, this was a show that started so strong but it got so farfetched and out there towards the middle and throughout the end that I found it to be incredibly disappointing. Still loved it though.
  12. An Episode You’ve Watched More Than 5 Times – I should probably be ashamed to admit how many episodes of shows I’ve seen more than five times; but, I’m not. Basically every episode of Full House, Boy Meets World, Friends, and 8 Simple Rules. A good sitcom is something I never tire of and these are my favorites.
  13. Favorite Childhood ShowFull House and Boy Meets World. I couldn’t get enough of these growing up, still can’t.
  14. Favorite Male Character – Oh gosh, again there’s so many I couldn’t possible name them all. So I’ll just list as many that come to mind: SOA’s Tig Trager, Chibs Telford, Bobby Elvis, Opie Winston, Clay Morrow; Shameless’ Frank and Lip Gallagher; Bloodline’s Danny Rayburn;  Lost’s Sawyer, Banshee’s Lucas Hood; Game of Thrones’ Tyrion Lannister; Friday Night Lights’ Coach Eric Taylor and Tim Riggins; Prison Break’s Lincoln Burrows – there are tons but these guys are definitely at the top of the list!
  15. Favorite Female Character – Gemma Teller Morrow from SOA. Honestly, you can’t beat her. Check out my recent blog post to read more about why I love her so much.
  16. Your Guilty Pleasure ShowFuller House. I don’t think you can find a loyal Full House fan that doesn’t watch Fuller House. You just have to. I absolutely loved the first season. It was cheesy and corny and sweet, all of the things that made Full House so wonderful. However, the second season fell a bit short for me. Nonetheless, I will always watch because it was a special part of my childhood.
  17. Favorite Mini SeriesTrue Detective Season 1. That was sheer brilliance.
  18. Favorite Title Sequence – Hands down, Friday Night Lights.
  19. Best TV Show CastSons of Anarchy, big surprise!
  20. Favorite KissLost’s Kate and Sawyer. They’ve got a lot of great ones but their very first kiss in S1E8 “Confidence Man” is definitely one of my favorites!
  21. Favorite Ship
    • Relationship – Definitely Kate and Sawyer from Lost and Tim and Lyla from Friday Night Lights.
    • Friendship – There’s a lot for this one too. Probably SOA’s Jax and Opie, The OC’s Seth and Ryan, and of course, Boy Meets World’s Cory and Shawn.
  22. Favorite Series FinaleSons of Anarchy. S7E13 “Papa’s Goods.” Bet you didn’t see that coming, huh?
  23. Most Annoying Character – There’s a lot. If I had to pick one, it would probably be Skylar White from Breaking Bad. I really hated her.
  24. Best Quote – “I got this.” – Sons of Anarchy. Said by Opie, Jax, and Chibs. Also, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose,” and “Texas Forever” from Friday Night Lights.
  25. A Show You Plan On Watching (Old Or New)The Leftovers, Justified, Orange is the New Black, Ray Donovan, etc. etc. etc.
  26. OMG WTF? Season Finale – The Season 4 finale of Lost where the island disappears. Seriously… what???
  27. Best Pilot EpisodeBloodline. Watch the first episode and see if it’s even physically possible for you not to continue. I dare you.
  28. First TV Show ObsessionPrison Break. This was the first time I got completely addicted to a show. It was only the beginning…
  29. Current TV Show Obsession Shameless. I LOVE it so much.
  30. Saddest Character Death – Opie from Sons of Anarchy. In just the third episode of season 5, nobody saw that one coming. After all, Horatio is the only one to survive at the end of Hamlet. This was gut wrenching.

There you have it, my 30 Day TV Show Challenge in just 1 day! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed doing it. If you have some free time, complete the challenge yourself – it’s great to reminisce on some of your favorite shows and moments!


Photo Credit (Featured Image): All photos from this collage were gathered from Pinterest


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