Alex “Tig” Trager, Sons of Anarchy

Oh Tiggy, my Tiggy. If only I had enough words to describe how much I love Sons of Anarchy’s Tig Trager. In a show where one character is better than the rest, it sure is hard to pick a favorite; and, while I’ve definitely got a few select SOA character’s that are easily interchangeable for the number one spot, something about dear ol’ Tiggy always seems to find his way at the top.

When you talk about interesting characters, this guy just about takes the cake. Eccentric, volatile, and kind, Tig is as dynamic as they come. Most definitely the wild card of the bunch, Tig shoots first and asks questions later. He makes decisions based off of immediate response, rather than deep thought; an instinct that often leads to unfortunate circumstances and deadly consequences. He is loyal to a fault and will do ANYTHING that needs to be done in service of the club, no matter what. He lacks a moral compass, which is a quality that makes tough decisions that much easier for him to make. However, underneath that unpredictably reckless exterior is a character like no other.

Tig 2
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With an irrational fear of dolls and an unwavering dedication to family, Tig never fails to disappoint. No matter how many mistakes he makes, he somehow manages to redeem himself in the heart of the club, and in the hearts of viewers. His love for animals and for his family is a characteristic that is sure to warm your heart. However, what really cements Tig as a character is his relationship with his one true love, Venus Van Dam, played by Walton Goggins. First introduced in season 5, Venus is a transgender prostitute. The minute Tig lays eyes on her, it’s love at first sight and the two engage in a romantic relationship that proves to be one of the show’s finest, and quite frankly, one of the finest ever on television. Their relationship is unconventional for traditional television, but it is most definitely one of my favorite, ever. Kurt Sutter made a statement with this storyline that love has no size, shape, or format. It knows no bounds, has no limitations, and cannot be placed in a box.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Take two minutes out of your day and watch this video: This was played after the series finale of Sons of Anarchy in which Walton Goggins, himself, describes how much this role meant to him. I’ve written before about how much I love Goggins as an actor and this video will make you love him too. He is such an eloquent man and truly seems like a kind-hearted, wonderful human being.

After reading this, I’m sure it’s no secret that I also love the actor who plays Tig, Kim Coates. Kim was perfect for the role and I couldn’t imagine anyone better to bring Tig’s character to life. I had the privilege of meeting Kim in person and he is absolutely lovely. Like so many of the actors in SOA, Kim is another one that I follow closely so that I make sure that I keep up to date on all of his upcoming work. I don’t think any of his roles will quite measure up to Tig, but I look forward to them all.

Tig Trager is without a doubt one of my favorite characters of all time.


Photo Credit (Featured Image): Pinterest


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