I started watching Outsiders on WGN America last January when it premiered its first season. Considering I’m such a huge fan of Sons of Anarchy, I follow all of its actors so I can keep up with them and watch their upcoming projects. That being said, Ryan Hurst, who played the role of Opie in SOA, landed a new role in this show Outsiders; and so I started watching because of him. After all, Opie was the best and Ryan Hurst is amazing (trust me, I’ve actually met him!)

The first season was slow and definitely strange, but intriguing, nonetheless. It follows a community of people who live on a mountain in the middle of the woods of Kentucky and so it really explores a culture that is completely different from ours, which is interesting to watch because it is something I know nothing about. As a result, I continued watching because it would be a different experience. I remained interested throughout, but I wasn’t quite 100% hooked. However, the characters kept me engaged. I wished that Ryan Hurst’s character had more of a pivotal role in the show, but surprisingly, the real star came in David Morse’s character, Big Foster, simply because of his evil nature.

Fast forward to season 2 and I’m becoming more and more invested in the characters and the story. Thankfully, Ryan Hurst’s character, Lil’ Foster, has taken a more leading role in the show and is becoming more and more of a dimensional character with each passing episode. Interestingly enough, David Morse’s character underwent a near death experience and his once evil self has now been replaced with a change man. This is interesting considering he was such a villain in the first season and I’m curious to see where it goes. Selfishly, I’m waiting for the old Big Foster to return and wreak havoc on the clan once again.

So far, this season has started off slow, but I’m hopeful that the excitement will pick up in the next few episodes and the plot will really start to take shape. Each episode builds the story and I know that all of this building is going to explode at some point and the real fun will begin. Until then, I look forward to seeing where this season will lead.


Photo Credit: WGN America; Retrieved from http://www.stuncreative.com/busterink/wgn-outsiders/


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