For those of you who haven’t seen Cinemax’s Banshee, it’s definitely worth a watch. The show was very underrated and short-lived, lasting only four seasons, but it packed a powerful punch… literally.

From the very first episode of Banshee, I was hooked. The plot is so enticing: upon being released from prison after 15 years, an ex con tracks down his former girlfriend and poses as the sheriff of the small town that she lives in. The story is straight and to the point. It may sound farfetched (and it is!) but the writers do a great job of making the situation seem realistic and like it actually could’ve happened. Because of the simplicity of its storyline, Banshee is able to sink all of the focus into its multidimensional characters and develop emotional and empathetic journeys that are so inviting to watch. With its effective utilization of flashbacks, Banshee gives insight into the past of each character so as to shed more light on how they’ve been shaped by it and how it has affected them in the present day.

Some people may feel differently, but for me, detail and backstory are one of my favorite things to see in a television show. I love uncovering secrets and learning more about who these people are and what has happened to them that has made them this way. Banshee does a fantastic job with this component. In fact, it is the very characteristic that I most enjoy about it. The ability to convey such history between the characters and the bonds that tie them together is what makes up the very core of the show. It is intense, emotional, and heart wrenching, and will make you feel the pain of each of its characters with every breath that they take, especially the main character, Lucas Hood, (don’t worry, I’ll talk about him in an upcoming blog!).

The first 2 seasons of Banshee are some of my favorite seasons of television ever. The characters, story, cinematography, dialogue etc. etc. etc. Everything is perfect. Unfortunately, the 3rd and 4th seasons do not quite measure up. The show gets a bit lost in its journey and begins to focus on storylines that are far less captivating. However, Banshee is still a great show with a satisfying conclusion. It is action packed and exciting up until the very end. While some may consider it to be gratuitous in its violence, gore, and sexual content (and I would often agree), its story is special as it details the depths of true love.

At the very least, I would say please watch the first 2 seasons because they are truly phenomenal. You won’t be disappointed.

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