If you have yet to see Shameless, you’re missing out!  Although it just finished its 7th season this past December, I recently joined the Shameless bandwagon and started the show over my winter break in January. When I tell you that I binged all 7 seasons in a week and a half, I’m not lying. I couldn’t get enough. This show is fantastic.

Based off of the UK series of the same name, Shameless is the hit Showtime dramedy that tells the story of Frank Gallagher, an alcoholic father of six played by the incredible William H. Macy, and the many trials and tribulations that he and his family experience on their journey through life in a poverty-stricken area of Chicago’s South Side. From the writing, to the story, the characters, and the performances of the actors, Shameless gives you every single thing you could ever want from a show. Its laugh out loud humor and tremendous heart make it so that you experience every emotion known to man in a single sitting. You laugh when Frank does something only he would ever do. You then get angry when he does something that proves what a terrible father he is. And then you cry, because underneath all of the jokes, sex, and reckless behavior, Shameless is a show about a family struggling beneath the harsh grip of addiction.

As someone who has witnessed addiction firsthand in my own extended family, I can tell you that there is no show that better captures the depths of this disease. It is Shameless‘ ability to portray these situations in a humorous manner, while also detailing the detrimental effects of each of the characters’ reckless actions and the emotional turmoil that addiction has played on their lives, that cements the show as one that should not be missed. It is a show of total dysfunction and immense love as its all-star cast of characters prove time and time again to be truly shameless.

Shameless returns this year for yet another season of dysfunctional Gallagher shenanigans, and I, for one, can’t wait!


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